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today i found myself thrilled not to freeze to death on my way home. perspective: three weeks ago i danced bare-legged through the streets of miami. in the middle of the night. without being cold at all. conclusion: i have to move. in the meantime: more miami pix.

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Anonymous said...

oh! I wanna go to miami ink!

Jenny Cindy said...

Haha, love the last picture!

sunniva said...

maja & miami ink<3

Sandra Mari said...

du var skikkelig pen der du hadde gule shorts :O :D

j'mappelle shontel said...

you're pictures are so fun. love the yellow shorts.

Adriano said...

ah1 so hot, u are my internet crush lol

love the socks

alyssa said...

miami ink!! no tattoo?

those red shoes are so cute

Anonymous said...

Miami Ink! <3 gotta love it. did u get a tatt?

ole-wombat said...

fiifaan så jævlig deilig det ser ut. tror du hadde det relativt greit der, bitsj.

likte settingen på det siste bildet, jeg (hehehehehehe)

Christiane said...

hva faen skjer på det nederste bildet a? hahahahah

Lars Arthur said...


Natalie M.P. said...

You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

i still can't belive what that girl in yellow shorts is you!!!!! you look so different with that clothes and make-up!!!

Hanne said...

You're so beautiful! Love your hair and your legs, and your red shoes are very very cute.

Malin said...

jeg liker skoene dine. med sokker :-)

Krln said...

Så jævla DIGG du er i dine Bik Bok-klær! Lol.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

love the pictures...captures all the fun you had on you adventure!

the lollipop picture is the best one

through said...

how cute ph's? longing for summer!

Miriam said...

maaaja, give me yr never ending legs!!

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

eye liner looks good on you

Silje said...


ellevictoire said...

I love these pictures. you rather remind me of Cory Kennedy

Cassiopeia said...

Great photos! You look like you're having tonnes of fun! :-D



agnete <3 said...

Oh, you look great in a tan! amazing photos :)

maja casablancas said...

stine: it wasn't such a huge deal, just a small room and one of the guys eating pizza. heh
jenny: haha, it was pretty funny. our new bffs!
sunniva: :-)
sandra mari: hehe takk. not a big fan av all sminken, men.
shontel: thnx. the shorts were part of the shoot, so they're not mine.
adriano: haha ehh thanks i guess
alyssa: no tattoo. thnx!
marte: nope, we just went by to take a look.
ole: det var relativt greit ja. heheee
christiane: lol. vi dreiv og jobba, og så kom det masse stonere bort og ville bli med. de var funny da.
lars: <3
natalie: aww
anonymous: haha i know. not my clothes, not my makeup.
hanne: thank yoU!
malin: takk :)
krln: ikkesant!!! må nok kjøpe opp hele kolleksjonen når den kommer
taryn: thnx!
through: thnxxx, yeah me too
miriam: hehee, aw.
elle...: merci babe
ellevictorie: ah eh thanks.
cassiopeia: i waaaas. thnx
agnete: haha thnx. it's fake though, we had to get spraytanned. gahhhh

Vintage Tea said...

Great photos! Miami ink! Cool. Aw I need some sun!

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Fanny Elise Bettum Lunde said...

Oi, på bilde nr. 4 ligner du skikkelig på Taylor Swift!

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