warning: long and slightly random post

there are some things that only happen once in your life.
one of them is a free trip to miami.

carolina, karoline and i were asked to model for bikbok's spring and summer campaigns, and you just don't say no to things like that do you.

the first morning we all woke up really early (bloody jet lag), so we decided to take a walk in our backyard aka the beach and watch the sun rise.

and then we went out to explore the city

all the mannequins looked like this. jesus.

in the evening we did a fitting at the hotel room. this is nina, she did the styling. plus she's a cutie!

the next day we had to get up at 6am to get our hair and makeup done. gah. gah. gah.

the first part was shoot by the hotel pool.

...and then we moved over to the beach. gorgeous isabel watson did the photography.


long day. tired girls.


half the team - stylist, model, makeup-artist, art director. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12yearold me and sparkly isabel at dinner.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

we figured that since we were in miami, we might as well do it properly. so we went to all the flashy clubs we could manage, and observed the tanned 20-something girls with fake boobs getting picked up by old rich-looking men. gross of course, but very entertaining.

the best/worst one was fountainbleue, a huge hotel bar that just got renovated for a billion dollars (!!!!) and the place where the victoria's secret shows are held. everything was shiny, sparkly or neonglowing, and i felt toally misplaced.

you can't really see it, but the pillar in the back was constantly shifting between pink and blue neon, AND glittering at the same time.


second hand markets

carolina in the hotel lobby. EVERYTHING was from fendi. and kinda tacky.

we spent the last night in a bed by a pool.

etc etc etc the end.

i can't decide wether i want to go back or not. it's a wonderful city, yes, but everything is completely twisted. especially the people. oh well.


Malin said...

Cool. I totally love Isabel, Nina and Linda.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, I wish I could go there, too.

Stine Hemmingsen said...

Oh my, Isabel Watson?!
Really love the georgeous pictures!

maali-lifestyle said...

aww how cool ! :)

Isabelle said...

so many pretty girls in just one post ;D

Adriano said...

wheres the final results?

Anonymous said...

wow! lucky girls! what an icredible experience. yes i think the mannequin in that early photo nicely sums up what a lot of miami seems to be like. a very warped, unnatural idea of beauty and style. still it looks like a lot of fun!

ole-wombat said...

de ble jævlig fine, da. eller: det ser ut som de ble fine. når er det de kommer ut sånn i butikker og blader og sånn, veit du det?

Næd said...

Oh, lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

wow yeah you're so lucky ! It looks like an amazing trip. Your pictures are great, can't wait to see the pictures for the magazine.

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

wow the mannequin

maja casablancas said...

malin: so do i!

valentine: thank you, you should

stine: yea. she's cool. thnx!

maali: :)

isabelle: eller hur!!

adriano: the first campaign comes out in april i think

ohphilippa: word!

ole-wombat: hehe takk. april! tror jeg

næd: k9z

uncafeavec5pailles: thnx!

elle est où ma caisse?: i knoooowww

ole-wombat said...

fetttt ass, gleder meg til å se.

Mia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maja casablancas said...

såvidt jeg har skjønt kommer det litt overalt. typ plakater, i butikken, reklamer, på nettet. scary shit

ELLE said...

Haha those pictures are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the look book thing. I'm really interested in Miami and how backwards it seems. Is there much to do there apart from gawp at the strange people?

Thereseee said...

Hahahahahah, den prøvedokka! Jeg dør av latter!!:)

Veronicahhh said...

post the ads when theyre out!

Anonymous said...

I went to Miami last winter and fund it fun but disturbing. It's really American to the max... I mean I am from Montreal in Canada but Miami freaked the shit out of me. SUVs everywhere, junk food everywhere, ugly fences around everyone's terra cotta coloured house...

Saga said...

fab !!!!

jessica_del said...

ha i went to miami a few years ago for spring break, and i was unpresently surprised. really dirty, materialistic and tons of cubans everywhere. it really is funny what you said about the super tan girls getting picked up though, it seems there was sort of an invasion of that on the streets. i did love the pink sidewalks though! and also, i wish i was a millionaire so i could have a cool boat house in south beach!! (i hope you got to see them all!)

is this photoshoot for nylon? i couldn't help but notice the magazines on the desk!!
you and your friends are all stunningly beautiful!

maja casablancas said...

elle: you can do anything!

veronicahhh: i will!

anonymous: yeah, absolutely. but at the same time... so amazing

saga: :)

jessica: yeah, i see what you mean (though what's wrong with cubans..?). the photoshoot was for a scandinavian chain of clothing stores, so the nylon on the desk was there randomly, hehe. thank you!

Linn said...

så utrolig heldig! så ut som en fin tur, blir gøy å se resultatet :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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