cava & macabreness

some of you get angry when i post pictures of run over animals. i understand that upfront death can be disturbing, but am i really the only one who find an appealing side in pidgeons smudged across a sidewalk?

i stumbled upon one of them last night. in perfect shape on the outside, unmistakably dead on the inside. while i poured glass after glass of poison (disguised as fine wine) down my throat an hour later, i couldn't help but think that we are pretty much the same.


Anonymous said...

i am vegetarian/pescatarian and have empathy for all animals, but ideas and images of death do not bother nor disturb me. especially when it is considered natural or freak accident. it is life and it is beautiful. i tell everyone i know to look to hindu teachings stating that, one should not be sad or devastated when crunching/walking on dead leaves or the corpse of an insect as their death is leading to the life of something else, something more.. death does not signify end, in any way, shape or form.

so thank you for sharing a beautiful image of life's interesting and intricate cycle.

CB said...

neeeei. stakkars due.
yesterday, i saw a cat. it was smashed. poor thing. you wrtie very good. altså. bra skrevet!

og ja, jeg leser bloggen din. og diggz it!

loveandmathematics said...

Haha, funny you should bring this up, I found this photo today..http://www.flickr.com/photos/alpanalpan/3114122626/

Anonymous said...

i saw a 2 weeks old kitty smudged across a sidewalk a week ago, and now i find myself so stupid because i didn't took a photo of it!

Anonymous said...

i find it more disturbing that you think guns are cool

maja casablancas said...

you have to agree that they're a powerful symbol though? i mean, they give people power to end another persons (or your own) life with just a click. the fact that i find them interesting doesnt mean i want to shoot somebody.

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