i'm sorry for nagging about this dress, but gah. it's so beautiful. whoever said fashion isn't art...

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Solo said...

Lovely dress...;D
I can't blame you for nagging that fabulous dress.;D
Even me will do the same..=0.lol=)
Have a great day.Hope you could put my blog in your site.I would really appreciate it.;D

Miriam said...

urg i hate my curves right now. wish i had a thin body so could wear a dress like that! buh

Anonymous said...

r u for real?
have u seen what's out there, this is nothing compared all the exquisite fashion out there..

maja casablancas said...

are YOU 4real? of course the picture doesnt do the dress justice, but come on. it's exquisite

bénédicte said...

herregud, ja, SCHIAPARELLI.

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