post-punk revivalists

i've understood that far too few people have heard about the ponys (everything but the whole world's population is too few). that's a shame, since they're the only band that made me like every single song they've recorded. so today i thought we'd go through my favourite pony-songs:

glass conversation

let's kill ourselves

poser psychotic


chemical imbalance

i love you 'cause (you look like me)


Anonymous said...

oh maja, i love the ponys!!!

Liam Bedford said...

This is some good shit♥!

Young Damsel said...

wow! these songs are amazing!
downloading right nowww <33


SpanishDandelion said...

Hi!I had never posted a comment until now cause, basically, I didn't know what to say. Ok, I still don't know what to say, but I just wanted to let you know I think your blog rocks!!! And your surname too. Haha, I'm so going to download some stuff from the ponys(if my shitty computer lets me). Besos

Leni said...

let's kill ourselves sounds soooooooo optimistic!

hullabaloo lovebird said...

this has really nothing to do with anything, more or less, but...
have to say that i love the cellphone diary concept and the diary in its self. you know, btw xD

Anonymous said...

har du en last.fm-konto?

Elle est où ma caisse? said...

wow this sounds like shit
but, most music is good because of the fact that it's fucked up noise..

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