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my favourite midnight meal when i'd rather listen to mozart than go to sleep:

- olives (black, to match the sky)
- glass of water

(i only eat things that don't need preparing.)
eat the olives directly from the glass. stop when your stomach hurts or the sky turns so bright they no longer match.

me in my room by jostein
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Anonymous said...

aww BOO!!
your comment wont show up on my blog :(
hope you didnt delete it
as it was very inspirational to me
hope you'll repost it for me

p.s. Fuck blogger sometimes yeah?

Anonymous said...

funny enough my guiltiest pleasure is olives even though i prefer them green and just watching foreign films even if i don't understand what they're saying i just love to watch the images

Anonymous said...

prefer green ones..

don't trust the girls said...

the pictures are good.

kirstie said...

that first pic is really good.
olives are good, i prefer the green ones though.

Qtie said...

oliven er ikke godt.

Summer said...

Love this photos.=) Looking forward on your next post.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

a. said...

mmm olives, i eat them like m&ms ;]


Darling said...

beautiful and decadent...

StianAleksander said...

Harriett Jolliff aka. Hot Honey Harlow

While still in her teens, she ran away from her home to dance with a carnival and was also convicted, along with several friends, of attempting to rob a candy machine, and spent more than a year in jail. After her release from jail she worked as a stripper under the name "Hot Honey Harlow".

Young Damsel said...

olives = yummm
your room = so cool


Jane said...

My name is Jane and I'm from Australia.
I like your mix of personal photos, fashion, quotes and inspirational images.
I'm nineteen, how old are you?
Comment on my blog if you can. I'm trying to get one up and running.
See you Maja.

maja casablancas said...

green by day, black by night

Ara said...

Cool photos!

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