i wish i could post more personal stuff and photos i've taken myself here, but the thing is my borrowed camera got stolen a couple of months ago. again. now all i have is the little cellphone diary with crap quality. i feel almost handicapped, like i'm missing an arm or something.

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photos: private. red wine and blog-hatin' with guro monday night.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, my camera broke and I didn't have one for like half a year. I had nightmares every night (not kidding!!) in which I got a camera but someone stole it, or someone spilt milk over it, or it just didn't work. It was horrible!!

Anonymous said...

aww yeah thats how i feel when my brother steals my camera from me for school and random stuff
i've got an idea, because my phone has THE crappiest camera in the world
when you're up for it and you've got 5-7bucks to spare why not buy a two pack of those disposable cameras..i heard somewhere that its not really the camera that takes good fotos its the persons eye capturing them in the right angle/moment etc...
i love disposable cameras

p.s. hope it works out

Hannah said...

yeah, i am constantly tempted to get a fancy shmancy camera but its just not in my budget these days. fantastic globes! if that picture was taken with your camera phone, well, i wouldnt believe it.


erin said...

my camera just adds a little yellow tinge to everything.
i'm considering disposables, eventually.

(though the yellow tinge does cover up skin blemishes quite nicely.)

also, your globe beats my globes ass.

enJAYneer said...

nice post... thanks for sharing...

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maja casablancas said...

i cant afford disposables atm... and id like a digital one, hehe. INSTANT BLOGGIN

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