happiness kills creativity

except for the fact that i haven't really been home since thursday, i have excellent reasons for neglecting my blog: wine in the park, cava in bed, and a whole lot of making out. and some dancing.

i'm glad i have such an amazing ability to prioritize.

photo: debvhdg

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mariana said...

do you live alone?

Leni said...

Yeah yeah I saw you on a street some days ago in that outfit you looked really happy!

Anonymous said...

er du ikke russ?

Anja said...

sounds delicious!!

maja casablancas said...

mariana: no, i still live with my parents. but i'm not there very often, haha.
leni: :-)
anonym: nope

B B said...

Ah i love your blog!
keep up the amazing work
much love Gabrielle+Domonique
x x x

SARA said...

you look wonderful!
tell me, from where did you get those shoes that ''fashtionflash'' showed a picture on, those nice black leather wedge heels? is it acne jeans?

Anonymous said...

hvilken linje går du på vgs?:)

maja casablancas said...

bb: thanks!
sara: i borrowed them from the stylist, but i think they're from minimarket?
anonym: jeg går stud.spes. med formgivningsfag

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