treasure hunt guide

many of you wonder where i find all my pictures. well, there aint no easy answer to that question, i get them from all over, but here are some of my favourite sources:


editorials of moviestars and models from past decades.

foto decadent

it's been quiet there for a while, but they have an amazing collection of new and old avant garde eds (and some not-so-avant garde).


art director are sundnes' inspiration book with his favourite editorials (and he has good taste allright).

the fashion spot

the best fashion forum on the internet. if you know what you're looking for, it's very possible you'll find it here.


emeric glayse's favourite photographers collected on one blog. lot's of naked people! yay!

some photographers i like:

nadav kander

chadwick tyler

b/w photos of skinny girls with little clothes on, if that's what you're after.

lina scheynius

(all fashion bloggers love lina, it's a part of the blogger.com terms.)

ellen von unwerth

not her own homepage, but a great collection of her work.

paolo roversi


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ph: nadav kander, paolo roversi


ole-wombat said...

æ like bildan

og takk for at du likte blodbildene mine :*

Anonymous said...

i <3 chadwick tyler

Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous

Meline said...

Jeg synes www.TheFrock.com er bra:)

Anonymous said...

tusen takk for linkene :D nå skal jeg kose meg. (ps. congrats med Blog of the month)

miss_vogue said...

shiiiiiiiit woman!

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