Chrissy & Cæssa at Strykejernet

thursday nite was amazing! we hung out with ariel pink and his haunted graffiti band a bit before their gig at blå, and later they came and danced with us at strykejernet. i never thought i'd like djing, i prefer to be on the floor dancing, but it was sooo much fun.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
photos: lula fortune


Effy said...

you know what Ive just realized, since Ive been reading your blog (and it's been a while) your hair didn't actually grow (at least I think so) do you always cut it in that length?

Anonymous said...

i must say, i loved your blog better before.but i guess it's you to decide...

maja casablancas said...

effy: it never really grows longer than this, cus it's so damaged it just breaks off, haha

irene: i like it much better this way!

Anonymous said...

your friend's face is so... pink in te 2nd pic.

maja casablancas said...

yeah, it's from the purple blitz-filter

Anonymous said...

Bare så du vet det:
dersom du snakker om tiden av døgnet på kvelden, heter det "night" på engelsk, ikke "nite"

Btw: bloggen din er seriøst loser.
TTYN, lizzm

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