We're hoooome

and i'm even more depressed about oslo now. gosh. luckily i'm going to copenhagen on monday.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ph: flickr, ellen von unwerth


Kristen said...

That second photo is hauntingly gorgeous. Love the contrast.

Julie said...

what places are you thinking of going to in copenhagen?

arkasha said...

i love the first pic. don't forget to take a lot of photos in copenhagen then!

Karoline i det trønderske huset said...

Oh no, du skulle heller vært her, Maja, for da får jeg besøk av Ole Wombat. Lohol.

Sandra Mari said...

gud så pent det første bildet var <3

Margaux Says said...

Every picture you take/pick/choose/borrow/buy/shoot/or whatever is beautiful. The association of these two is confusing, but in a good way, they're both really different but still match eachother.
Wonderful work.

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