Busy days

this week i have:
+ learned more than i have for the past three years
+ developed my first roll of film!!
+ seen ponyo and inglourious basterds
+ got a shitty cashier job (some of you seem to be under the impression that i get rich from this blog; i don't earn shit. keepin it real.)
+ been to the preus museum

etc. now: tea party. haha.
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ph: julie pike


emilija said...

å, så fint bildeee

Anonymous said...

i was wondering; can we see some of your work you showed your photographyschool before you got accepted there?

mud and bone said...

I absolutely adore that photograph.

Hope that shitty chasier job gets less shitty as the time passes. X

TheMinx said...

inglourious basterds is just amazinggg

Elisabeth Isabelle said...

Jobben er vel ikke så shitty? Elsker bildet, søte søte farger!

Anonymous said...

ibasterds was so fucking good
-chris petres

Anonymous said...

yay show us your portfolio! great idea anonymous no 1!!

Anonymous said...

hvor er det du jobber?

Anonymous said...

Flott at du har lært mye, det blir kjedelig å kunne det samme hele tiden! Spennende blog, ei i klassen som tipset meg om den. Hilsen en som ikke har noe bedre å gjøre en å sitte på fysikklaben på ntnu og drikke fra en lommelerke på en torsdag.

Ingrid said...

"+ got a shitty cashier job (some of you seem to be under the impression that i get rich from this blog; i don't earn shit. keepin it real.)"

i LOVE this. so many people put up an act. you've just gained +10000000 credibility points in my books. i'm glad to know that you are completely unpretentious. and dont worry, you very obviously will not be working shitty jobs all your life.

Rebecca said...

sounds like a good few days!

Erina said...

did you love inglorious basterds?? i thought it was soo good! i'll be learning to develop film in about a week when school starts, and i'm excited, but nervous... sounds like you're having fun though.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't say that you got a shitty cashier job...Many people would kill to get a job nowadays. It's disrespectful.

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: yes of course i can show you, i´ll do it as soon as i have time

anonym: coop på skøyen, kom og kjøp mat!!

anonym: takk for det!

ingrid: heh thanks :) thats very nice to hear

erina: i loved it too! the cinema scene was so great. you should look forward to developing film!

anonymous: it´s not hard at all to get that kind of job in norway, i got the first one i applied for. and even though i´m grateful i got it, it doesnt make it less shitty

Deryck said...

would it be easy for an american (english speaking only. sadly) to find a good job in norway?

maja casablancas said...

yes i believe so

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