Answers #1

have you really quit smoking? yep.

how's your school like? wonderful. the teachers are great, the building itself is great and i get to do what i love all the time.

kan du ta et bilde av deg selv i yndlingsantrekket ditt?
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hvilken konsert var best på hove? lykke li, tror jeg.

how come you don't have any advertisements on your blog? I’m not doing this for money, but because it’s fun. plus advertisements are ugly and I don’t want to depend on other people.

du you still love niotillfem? yeah, sometimes.

what school do you go to and what do you study? something called oslo photo art school, where i study analogue photography.

do you like pokemon? if so, who is your favourite pokemon, is it Torterra or maybe Gardevoir? Torterra is great. I have a great pokemon collection from primary school, but I cant say I’m that interested anymore.

what made you cut your hair? I felt like it.

do u consider urself a famous blogger? only when people recognize me. and when I found out I’m gonna be in the next it-girl issue of nylon mx, omg.

what r ur favorite blogs? castania, fig marmalade, buffalo records and milk before she moved to rodeo.

what are ur top 5 must haves in a wardrobe? 30 denier black tights, tight black skirt (I have about ten different, but I'm still looking for the perfect one), a little black dress, white socks and docs.

has your relationship to food always been relaxed? when I was about eleven I went on a diet to try and gain weight, cause I was tired of everyone wanting to poke my ribs all the time. but that didn’t go to well to be honest, lasted for about two days.

have you had any "mental" problems, depression, anxiety etc? I’m not diagnosed with anything, but I’m not the most mentally stable person you'll find. i've been generally melancholic for as long as i can remember.

what do you think of oslo as compared to other norwegian cities like bergen/stavanger/tromsø/trondheim? sadly I’ve never been to any of the other cities! but I’d love to visit all of them some time.

did you ever regret starting your blog? no

do you consider yourself a private person or do you like to expose everything? i dont think share that much at all, this blog is mainly about pictures.

tell us about your boyfriend. well. he’s 27. he works as a graphic designer in heydays. he likes to invent spaced out types of candy and he’s wonderful in all sort of ways.
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hva har du drevet med etter at du gikk ut av elvebakken? jeg har surra rundt, vært altfor mye full og begynt på fotoskole.

likte du deg der forresten? nei, det kan jeg ikke påstå.

hva er favorittboken og -filmen din? jeg glemmer alltid hvilke bøker jeg har lest, men hvis jeg må velge én så kanskje bildet av dorian gray av oscar wilde. favorittfilm: frida med hjertet i hånden.

why are you so awesome? i grew up with a cool cousin

what do you do besides blogging? I go to school, eat brie, hang out with friends, take pictures, party and watch bad tv with my boyfriend. oh and if you mean professionally i work in a grocery store and do some modelling.

what is your favorite movie and tv series? it's impossible to pick one, but i like violent movies like fight club and tarantino's (no horror tho), 80's high school movies like the breakfast club, nouvelle vague movies and quirky ones like the royal tenenbaums and amelie and such. i'm not that into tv series, but i watch satc when i'm bored and lonely. and skins.

what do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know, I want to start a magazine.

what are some of your favourite books? the picture of dorian gray, garden of eden, lolita, perfume. maybe.

if you could have dinner with anyone in the world (alive or dead, famous or not), who would you choose? britney spears and oscar wilde.

do you think a lot about what you wear? not really

do you like the band foals? yeah, they’re ok.

how tall are you and how much do you weight? I’m about 175 and I have no idea what I weight and you shouldt think too much about it either.

what's your favourite band? that's an impossible question, but perhaps the knife or M83 or siouxsie and the banshees

if you were drug,what would you be? something really addictive

if you were a fashion icon, who would you be? like, who I’d want to be? edie!

vanilla or chocolate? chocolate

morning or evening? evening

sneakers or heels? heels

tomatoes or carrots? tomatoes!!

kaas of klompen? huh?

describe what your perfect day would look like? wake up with my boyfriend, have breakfast in bed, take a walk by the seine, have lunch in the park, swim in the sea, blue mussels on the beach for dinner, watch a beautiful movie in a garden (projector + white sheet), and then have a great party with all my friends in a baroque castle. with lots of cake and champagne.

if you could take an all expenses paid 1 month long road trip, where would it be and what would you do? oh my… i dont know. something like what i wrote above probably. and i'd like to go to russia.

how do you stay is shape and keep your lovely figure? nothing basically

have you always been careless about your outfits? and by careless, I mean not giving a damn about what would people think. hmm yeah pretty much. or it's more like i though "i think this looks awesome, so of course everybody else must think the same". they probably didn't, but what the hell

what cellphone do you use? some black, skinny flip flop-nokia

har du noen gang prøvd LSD eller flein? nei.

hva er din mening om Kongo-saken? begge parter er fucked up, så jeg orker ikke bry meg.

hvilket parti skal du stemme? huseiernes landsforbund. neeida.

tips til bra vorspiel/party-musikk? gangstarap

where do you come from? is the name Casablanca from Norway? I’m 100 % norwegian (boring), and casablancas is fake.

i remember you blogging about the fact you wanted to move to Paris after graduation. is that still gonna happen? not this year, after I got accepted to my school I decided I’d rather stay in oslo. but some day... hehe.


miss sunshine said...

thanks for the answers :) you're the cutest girl I ever saw.hugs.

E M M A said...

i so agree with you, miss : D

Elisabeth Isabelle said...

Jeg liker deg.

Uteerdetmelkehvitt said...

Les Drømfakultetet av Sara Stridsberg. Den er rosa og fin. Du burde også se teaterstykket som er basert på boken, Valerie Solanas skal bli president, på Torshovteateret. Fantastisk og et must for alle. Og billig.

jules said...

i enjoyed reading that maja
i like mr. casablancas as well!

Anonymous said...


JULIE AIDA said...

jeg vil ha heydaysveskeeeeee

ashley said...

where did you get your unicorn on your bed??

Fer Schaffer said...

i just saw your entire blog in three days.i know, im crazy ahaha, or maybe i was "practicing" something called free time. ok no.
oh and i found some similarities! i have the 'lucky teeth' too. ok

maja casablancas said...

jeg er ikke sammen med ising nei

ising said...

jeg er ledig på markedet..( se under bruktmarked/gis bort )

Anonymous said...

you know kaas en klompen is dutch. it means cheese and wooden shoes

Linn said...

awww maja <3

tidene forandrer seg...nå er det jeg som ser opp til deg :)

maja casablancas said...

jeg liker dere og!

ashley: my friends bought it for me on my 18th birthday!

cheese and wooden shoes wtf?

linn <3

ebba said...

wow. you made it. quitting smoking is like.. the hardest thing I've ever tried.

maja casablancas said...

yeah, i'm pretty amazed myself!

Anonymous said...

takk for svarene :)

Anonymous said...

just to make sure; dutch people dont wear wooden shoes all the time. i'm dutch myself, and i hate them :)

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