(it's hard for me to update during weekends since i'm never at home, but i'll start presetting some post from now on.)

i have a slight addiction to bying cheap, scary books second hand, today i found Dracula by bram stoker for $2. apart from that half my face is swollen, i got some beautiful shoes in the mail (thank you so much!), and now i guess i'm going to bed or something.
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ph: unknown, jalouse april 09


JULIE AIDA said...

du er så fin på håret maja, jeg vil bare FINRISTE DEG!!!! tulla

i dag kjøpte jeg en grøsser. men den var ikke billig som din :(

Rosé Magritte said...

Totally found Dracula being sold by an illegitimate man on the street last week for 2.50. Holllaa

Luna said...

why don't you post outfit photos anymore? :(

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