Nylon Mx

i'm not quite sure what is says, but maybe some of you read spanish? (in that case, keep it to your self, i hate reading my interviews. hehe)
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ph: nylon mexico october 2009


average children said...

congratulations! this is wonderful!

Mirthe said...

that's amazing! i can't read any spanish, but google translate can:D

Coco said...

Congratulations! I'm Spanish! I'm following your blog for 2 months more or less and I really like it.
I could translate it to youu! but.. ok, ok... if you don't want to.. ;)

Karii said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! guess what. I've got the magazine! and yeah, I saw you. Congratulations! :)

maguiiee said...

I'm from mexico
and that's the reason why I know your blog..
& i love it! :D

Jentelus said...

Nylon <3
Ikke et dumt sted å bli eksponert!

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