nananana swagga like us

last night ended in a hotel room at the top floor of the plaza with six bottles of cava... today i ate pancakes with nice people and bought cute vintage underwear. yesyes.
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Anonymous said...

you're such a girly-girl. :)

Rosé Magritte said...

Sparkling wine and pancakes is one of the greatest combinations ever thought up.

Anonymous said...

you look like you just gave birth.and no id does not have to do with weight-you're skinny.it's the vibe,dude.

p.s.:if i come up there for my erasmus will i get to meet you?and if i do,will you look down on me for not being as cool as you guys without alcohol?mmm?

p.s.(2):will we go hicking at a black metal norwegian forest?

XxX love from greece.

Anonymous said...

Greece is everywhereeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
luv ya dude ;p

ta spas apla!

Anonymous said...

i'm a girl. -_-

ole//wombat said...

ååå så fint undertøyet var!

maja casablancas said...


takk, ole

Kamilla said...


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