hi mom, hi dad, hi L, hi friends and family. this is what i want for xmas:

* macbook pro...
* ipod nano...
* books:
- laughter in the dark by vladimir nabokov
- a room of ones own by virginia woolf
- bonjour tristesse by francoise sagan
- the woman in black bu susan hill
- the grotesque by patrick mcgrath
- villette by charlotte brontë
- the tell-tale heart by e. a. poe
- everything but pulp by charles bukowski
- or anything you think i might like
* frida med hjertet i hånden på dvd
* chanel rouge noir
* these
* wolford 50 denier tights. size L. i have no decent ones left.
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ph: kamilla langeland


sofki said...

where did you go dressed like that ,always lovely Maja?

Thays M. said...

Bounjour Tristesse is one of my favorite books!

Year 10 Citizenship Students said...

oh my god I read the woman in black last year in english. when you read a book at school its impossible to like it.

Leonard Miller said...

start with ham on rye by bukowski
the final chapter is my favourite chapter in any book ever

andrea said...

jeg lette land og strand etter frida - med hjertet i hånden på dvd.. helt til jeg fikk vite, av deichmann, at den aldri er produsert på dvd! gaah.

Leni said...

Bonjour Tristesse is such a great book... but you will die while reading charlotte Bronte.... I DID!
Check out books by D. Coupland... and Bell Jar by sylvia Plath

candy said...

I want you, you´re so sexy. yes.
little 90's wich I love offcourse.

amy said...

andrea, den skal ha kommet på dvd nå. sjekk cdon.com eller noe.

Monster Girl said...

what a perfect christmas list!

Anonymous said...

I remember for about 2 years ago, when I heard about your blog for the first time, did you wear the top in an interview with "mag" (the magazine)

Kathleen said...


diane said...

maybe you'd like some simone de beauvoir's books. Like "le deuxième sexe" or "les belles images". Also emile zola, he was really great.

maja casablancas said...

leonard: i already read pulp, but i'll take ham on rye next!

andrea: den kom ut nettopp! hurra

leni: ah no i like charlotte! but thanks for the tips

elise: yeah thats right, but it was 'inside', not 'mag'

kathleen: me 2

diane: yeah i've read le deuxieme sexe, but i would like to read some of her novels too

Heart in a cage said...

i love practically anything by vladimir nabokov!

Anonymous said...

fint bilde KREDSANKER

Anonymous said...

wolford ripped tights????? IT'S A CRIME¡¡¡¡

Anonymous said...

Size L...How tall are you?

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