dream report

tonight i dreamt of war. i found a little girl who had lost her family, so i carried her around for a while, and when she had to go i gave her my watch and a barbie doll to cheer her up. later in the dream i was home with my family watching tv, and on the news they said a little girl had died and all they found was a disney watch and a barbie doll. then i woke up crying.
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anonym said...


maja casablancas said...

it's funny how dreams seem so sad and horrible and serious when you're asleep, and completely ridiculous when you wake up. haha

Katha said...

i read a poem on tuesday and one line said "I dreamed about reality and i was really relieved when i woke up" your dream kind of reminded me of that haha. the poem´s by stanislaw jerzy lec by the way, an polish author.
it´s really fascinating that your dream tells a story, most of the time i dream in some kind of fragments which are in no relation to each other and so my dreams are rather really confusing and make no sense.
but do you know the feeling when you´re dreaming a really horrible dream and you think that it is really happening? i hate that i can´t distinguish whether it´s real or not. then waking up can really be a relief...and then the dream seems ridiculous as you said. but only then.
i just had to share my thoughts :D

amanda said...

it's fascinating how the dreams can affect you like that. sometimes i dream horrible things and have a bad mood for days, just because of the dream.

Rosemary said...

it kind of seems to signify the death of a childhood imo

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