i've spent the day lying in bed, cleaning the apartment and being bitter because i had to work instead of going to the diesel party last night (i heard they had cottoncandy). right now i thought i'd walk the 200 meters over to the liquor store and get some wine, go see anders smebye present his work at my school, drop by the opening party at flashdance, and spend the rest of the night at a good old house party. eh blabla.
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ph: unknown


Pearlpink and Babyblue said...


sofki said...

i looove her hair-updo! :<

Striped Shirts said...

That's a lovely dress!!

chris petres said...

not too shabby

Christiane said...

2'nd ph via snusk fx en eller annen gang. hihi knis

kelsea said...

ahh, that dress is gorgeous!!

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