armour amour

ps. i have a twitter account now, in case you havent noticed...
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ph 1. juergen teller 2. aneta bartos


Anonymous said...

are you part spanish or something? its your surname.

Charlotte said...

Funky bendy scissors.

I'm really really trying to hunt down a pair of tights/knee socks like the ones in the second image. But I want them in black. No idea where to find them. I checked the M&S website but couldn't find any. Hmm.

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail


really, like your taste :D

I'm a fashion photographer.
come to see my archive.
you will love them :D


E. Lorelei Page said...

Love the last pic!

Anonymous said...

who's the model at the last pic?

Lady M said...

I love last photo!
So beautiful.

maja casablancas said...

its tiiu kuik, istnt it?

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