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still no better. every time i have to swallow it feels like something exploding in my throat.

ph unknown


heleen said...

If only I could find a blouse like that in my local thrift store...
hope you're feeling better soon! xo


i love the chess horses:)

Charlotte said...

Oh you poor thing. Honey and lemon for you! And if you're brave - I'm not - then my dad swears by gargling salt water or even detol. Don't swallow it though!!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Anonymous said...

The best thing you can do to get over an ilness is just drink a glass of warm milk with garlic honey and a little bit of butter in eat. tasty but yet works

Anonymous said...

no selfmedication go see doctor darling

maja casablancas said...

heleen: yeah me too. thanks!
s&s: i know!
charlotte: eww... haha. thanks
anonymous: ewwwwwwww!!
anonymous: yeah i know, i'm better now though :)

carsten said...

nice the gish sisters, lillian (left) & dorothy (right)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous picture ! I've seen it on Woody's blog, do you know it ?

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