greece (part 1 i think)

by day

by night

i spent as much time as possible in the shadow, hiding behind my hat (which btw is rather ugly... i think i'll have to customize it a bit). when i came home and told a friend i just spent a week in greece he didn't believe me because i was so pale. mission complete.

one day we rented a boat. that was pretty wonderful.



gourmet much.

so that was greece. next up is sandefjord!! hah


Lust for Fashion said...

Wow, sounds like you're having a great summer! Greece looks amazing! I hate the sun too ; )

Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...

It looks lovely. I wish I could go away to Greece.

Anonymous said...

Greece looks sooo amazing!!
im in love with the whitewashed houses!

also that purse with you at dinner is really cool!

di said...

beautiful photos!


K.B. said...

a few years back i went to greece, and fell in love with the lifestyle there. your pictures brought me back to that week...they are so beautiful! it looks like you had a really great time.

jostein // beautiful stranger said...

du veit at jeg bor 20 min unna sandefjord, right?

Anonymous said...

Hvor i Hellas var du? Det likner veldig på stedet jeg og familien var på ferie for et par år siden..

Sukkerbit said...

kreta perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hellas så idyllisk ut =)

Silje said...

Det der må være Parga? Jeg var nesten sikker fra første bilde, men etter å ha sett den trange gaten er jeg 99% sikker. Elsker Parga!

Katlin at Urple said...

I like that comment about mission accomplished since you didn't look tan. I try to avoid tanning as much as I can because it makes me break out, but I live in Hawaii, so it's pretty hard to avoid! :) But, there are some very un-tan people too!
And was that your leather tooled bag in one of the pics? I got a similar style bag from a vintage shop a year ago and love it!!

tekitearikimee said...

Kreta <3 Jeg elsker kreta! Hellas er et herlig land, med verdens beste mat! ahhh

Hvilken by var du i?

soph said...

Ahhh I LOVE your leather bag it is too nice. Vintage or holiday buy? Greece also looks nice haha

martetull said...

Ha-ha, vi blogger om Hellas begge to, og kanskje var vi på samme plassen. Syns det var litt tøft og klisjeaktig samtidig:)
Hilsen marte, som liker bloggen din superdupert.

LuluB@bie said...

I wanna go so badly! Greece is gorgeous!

maja casablancas said...

lust for fashion: sun suxx!! litt
Rosé Ghislain Magritte: do it :)
anonymous: it kinda was. thank you! it was my great grandmother's
di: thnxx
kb: ahh that sounds great. im glad you like them
jostein: jajaja
heidi: parga!
sukkerbit: mmnei hehe
xoxo: jaaa
silje: korrekt! :) parga er fint
katlin: haha good. sadly i get freckles. yeayeah. the bag is mine yes, i love it too!
tekiteredfghj: hehe ja nesten. jeg var i parga
soph: thanks! i inherited it, kinda
marte: hehehe qlt. takk!
lulubarbie: mmmmmhm

lopi said...

I have the same hat! Accesorize, right?
And I live permanently in Greece, no way I can avoid the tan thing. I just make sure I don't get weird lines and marks.
Where did you go? I just keep looking at the pictures, but I'm not sure...
Skopelos maybe?

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