space and the woods still know who I am

wednesday was oslo live with late of the pier and justice.

justice/oslo festivals in general usually means drowning in hipster-neon-hell (i cant believe people are still doing that), so i tried to protect myself by wearing all gray and beige. eh. i thought i hated beige, but i recently bought a larger amount of beige clothes, so... i guess i like it. ehh. i'm not sure what happened.

(for those of you who wondered what my camera looks like; i hope you're impressed)

smart as we are, we decided to place outselves right in front of the scene.

fleurette gets it with the polkadots

late of the pier was great and i'm gonna marry all of them.

but on justice we almost died. for real!!! the day after it felt like all my ribs were broken, and i have bruises on my hip bones. ouch. but it was rather amazing to have them so close up, i've managed to miss them all the other times they've been here. and i got to practice my i-cant-move-a-finger-dancing.

so luckily we survived and hooked up with a very cute but very drunk friend so we took her home.

funny hair


Christine Offenberg said...

Åssen kamera er det du har? Du tar sykt fine bilder! Må si du virkelig har inspirert meg til å skaffe meg en blogg. Har du drivi med det lenge?

maja casablancas said...

takk! jeg har et lite kompaktkamera som heter leica c-lux 2 og vi er bestevenner. nesten. og et par-tre av disse er tatt med fleurette sin canon eos 400.
så fint å høre! jeg har blogga i litt over ett år nå.

Anonymous said...

Love you to bits, toots, but neon beats beige any day of the week.

Vintage Vinyl said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! You are very stylish.
Did you want to swap links?

Anonymous said...

Fleurette looks like my ex-boyfriend from Singapore, cute.

Lucy Mörck said...

Sandefjord ja!
skal du på 1000 kulturfestivalen, kanskje? (eller hva den nå heter)den er i morgen (:

Fleurette said...

ex-boyfriend? well, thank you for saying that i look like a boy.. (though i'd like being a boy, but i'm a girl)

Fleurette said...

og ææh, er det der min arm? den ser ikke sånn ut i virkeligheten i det hele tatt.

la femme said...

looks like a good time...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! flø har helt det samme ansiktet på de to bildene hun er med i!

Fleurette said...

^HAHAHA la merke til det jeg oxooooo

Cecilie said...


Du har virkelig inspirert meg til å starte min egen blogg!

Og du tar utrolig fine bilder.

Og har enormt kule klær...

Rosé Ghislain Magritte said...

i wish we had concerts like this in canada. it tends to get a bit boring here.

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: nooooo
vintage vinyl: thnx! yeah sure
anonymous2: eh
lucy mörck: naai, øyliv
fleurette: haha er du jente? særlig. armen din er da helt fin
la femme: it pretty much was
greenbutton: haha sant det
cecilie: takk skal du ha. så fint
Rosé Ghislain Magritte: i guess youre not living in montreal then, hehe

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