slight crisis

hello. in three hours i'm on a train. i'm going to Summer Paradise where i go every summer, then i'll be in tønsberg for my birthday, and then a couple of days at a friend's cabin on tjøme. in other words i wont have access to any internet, but i had it all planned out, i was gonna preset some blog entries and everything, but then... the lightning stuck down and broke my internet. GREAT. so now i'm at my neightbour's to tell you this and say goodbye and i'll see you in a week, and could someone please scan the russh australia im in and mail it to me? i'd be very grateful. polkashots@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

hope you have a super duper good time! and do something dangerous too!

Iney said...

oi, pene bilder av deg i topp :)

kirstie said...

oh wow, you're in russh? i'm going into the city tomorrow so i'll buy it and scan it that night... unless someone beats me to the chase.

Young Mind said...

in russh?? the latest one.. if anyone knows what page, tell me, ive got the mag right next to me.

smile said...

åh, jeg elsker tjøme! vi har vært der hvert år så lenge jeg kan huske, men av en eller annen grunn skal vi ikke dit i år. forhåpentligvis har jeg en tante eller onkel som skal ti hvasser, som jeg kanskje kan besøke. du får kose deg!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! du er så "it"! xD

Young Mind said...

not in the latest one, thats for sure.

Gerri Ward said...

What a Cool blog !
You can't go wrong with polkadots &
vodkashots, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

its in the i love section

Anonymous said...

casablancas..hmm. Ikke tilfeldigvis i familie med Julian Casablancas fra The Strokes? lol:P

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: i did!
iney: takk!
kirstie: yeah please do! its in the i love section from what ive heard
young mind: yeah the australia one
smile: hehe ja det er fint der.
greenbutton: ehh ja kjempe
young mind: hmm i dunno. its not like a whole article, im just mentioned
gerri ward: thank you!
anonymous: mhm
anonymous 2: jo han er broren min. eh

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