phew! i'm done. i took the liberty of translating the questions into english (most of them at least) and for obvious reasons i cut out the drug questions.

ok here we go:

what kind of music do you like?
too much to sum up, but right now i'm hooked on nouvelle vague, the knife, the libertines, nwa, britney... and such. i've been bored enough to list alot more on myspace if you're interested.

what do you want to do after school?
move to paris.

if you got unlimited amounts of money, what would you buy?
a pink castle and a baby tiger. obviously.

what’s the ugliest garment/accessory you know?
stuff like this.

if you could travel in time what era would you go to and what would you do there?
that’s hard! the sixties maybe. so i could hang out in the factory or join the hippies in san fran.

do you eat meat?

if you could have a dinner with anyone ever but the guest list was limited to you +10, who would those people be?
ehhh.. maybe... pete doherty, john cleese, britney spears, spiderman, quentin tarantino... and... this is so hard! maybe ten of my closest friends would be just as nice.

where would the dinner be?
in a huge, flowery garden.

what would you eat?
a little bit of everything. i love food.

also. whats your favorite blog?!

what to you love to do?
not knowing what’s going to happen next, just that it’ll be something great. and to sit alone on the subway and listen to music.

do you have an idol?
no, not really.

where do you want to live?
in paris. (i'll shut up about paris soon.)

favorite designer?
betsey johnson, because her dresses are amazing.

favorite band/song at the moment?
this one maybe.

best place to go to in paris?
montmartre! though i don’t know the city that well, so there might be better places to go. hehe.

hva er best av drachir og gratis gintonic?
må man velge nå plutselig.

jack daniels or johnnie walker?
jack. i'm cheap.

coffee or cigarettes?


what do you want to be when you grow up?

your favorite piece of clothing?

socks n underwear.

what do you usually drink when you party?
that depends, but beer always works. ( i suppose the correct answer here would be vodkashots though, hehe.)

have you ever been in love?
yeah, countless times. three weeks ago i was wildly in love with this guy for a couple of hours.

he was from canada and spoke french. but then i ditched him by accident. wellwell.

have you already had sex?
eh yea.

what do you prefer,
cats or dogs?


red or blue?

where in oslo are you from?
eastside 4 everrrr

do you hate mondays?

a little, but i hate wednesdays more.

do you wear socks today?

yes, black ones ohhhh.

do you wanna have a monkey?
no, i can imagine that would be quite annoying.

do you think that michael jackson had more operations than 50?
i dunno, probably.

do you like the 5.june?
i love the 5. june

how tall are you?
175 cm / 5’9

you always wear skirts, what is the weather like where you live?
shitty, so I usually freeze my ass off from september to april.

what kind of grades do you get at school?
good ones.

what are your plans for the future (job?!)?
no idea! something creative.

how much money do you spend on clothing?
not that much. i usually shop on impulse, but i prefer spending my money on beer and bubblegum.

who are your fashion icons?

what's your favorite cheap store?

what's your favorite city?
paris paris paris. at least so far (i’ve never been in nyc for instance)

if you could learn a new language fluently, witch would it be?
russian maybe.

why did you start this awesome blog?
i was bored i guess. (thnx!)

do you believe in god?

do you know henry chinaski?

why do you blog? self-praise?
ha-ha. naah. to make the world (or the internett at least) a little prettier. and because it's fun. and to be able to look back and see what i've been up to.

what would you wear to a black-tie event? could you give an example?

this. without the book maybe.

why the name casablancas?
i was hoping someone would ask that! it started when a friend and i didn’t want to have our real names on facebook. So she came up with the idea that we’d both call ourselved casablancas after julian casablancas in the strokes. so we did. and then it just sort of… evolved.

straight, bi or gay?

where did you get the purse from the inside article?
it was my great-grandmother’s, i think she bought it in egypt.

and the flat, black shoes?

eurosko? i dont remember.

and where did you get the pictures from the magazine lula you posted some time ago?

what is your favourite party song and what is your favourite style to wear to a party?
these are the first i can think of: 1 / 2 / 3 (you HAVE to watch the last video, it's hillarious).

when it comes to clothes i just put on whatever i feel like.

blir du russ?
ja, dessverre.

how tall are you? and what do you consider to be the restriction height for wearing heels? i am 5'11, nearly 6 feet and find myself to attract too much attention when i wear heels.
i’m 5’9. i don't believe in restrictions, just go for it! attention is a good thing. hehe.

what part of the human body you like best?
collar bones, hands and legs.

does your feet get really really warm during sex or/and orgasms?
havent thought about that before to be honest.

what products do u use for your hair?
shampoo and conditioner. eh.

i'm sure this was all very interesting... hah. now goodnight.


snusk fx said...


cindy said...

i love your blog. :]

Anonymous said...

i love your blog too. i thought casablancas was your real last name i swear - and you're better looking than cory kennedy.

whos the third girl from the fashion icon question thingy?

Anonymous said...

thakU for answers or...spasibo(it's mean thankU in russan)..U said that you want to learn it no?

Anemone said...

Digger bloggen din =)
elsker kles stilen din

Hannah said...

What a fun but bizarre questionnaire!

banana said...

så gøy å lese :)

she like electric said...

you said you translated this. where was it from originally?

Mari Safari said...

Ser at du vil flytte til Paris. Jeg bor der nå, har nettopp flyttet, og skriver en blogg om akkurat det å bo, feste, studere, shoppe, fotografere, puste og spise i Paris. Er du interessert i å få litt inside info om the Parisian life er det bare å kikke på:



m said...

I have a follow-up question to my old one(s):

>>what do you prefer,
>>cats or dogs?
>>red or blue?

My new question is: what do you prefer,
blue cats or red dogs?

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

good questions, interesting answers.

iszting said...

jeg kan li'deg sa meget bedre enn andre norske teen-blogger, tak for it.

Anonymous said...

"for obvious reasons i cut out the drug questions.(...) the sixties maybe. so i could hang out in the factory or join the hippies in san fran."

This is tricky...

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Så fint bilde du hadde fra betsey johnson! hun er en av mine yndlings designere også:)

Suzy Cream Cheese said...

Hva skjedde med mine spørsmål??? Fæen æss.

maja casablancas said...

snusk: haha
cindy: thanx:)
anonymous: hehehe, no its not. thats lolita
anonymous: woho! now i know two words. gr8
anemone: takktakk!
hannah: haha yeah
banana: så bra
she like electric: many of them were written in norwegian, so i translated them so everyone could understand. hehe
mari safari: åh, så fint! skal lese
m: blue cats!
taryn: good
iszting: ah flott å høre. hehe
anonymous: heheh
hanna: i know!!
suzy: haha jeg orka ikke oversette det. sorry babe

m said...

Cool, I'll remember that. Maybe I'll give you a blue cat some day.

maja casablancas said...


Suzy Cream Cheese said...

Which tastes better? Sliced apple or orange on top of chevre on toast?

Is Toro Borgen as hip in real-life as he pretends to be on his blog?

susie q said...

hey! the dress you would wear on a black tie event. where is it from??

maja casablancas said...

haha. silje silje. orange, i'm allergic to apples. that depends on how cool you think he appears on his blog...

susie: h&m!

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