wonderfully horrible

ruvan / oslonights

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Anonymous said...

u look good in blue

lise said...

fin du er!

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

I love the colours in that dress! absolutely stunning...

Idacandy said...

så fint bilde.
fløyel er hot

Karoline said...

beautiful du er......!

BHH said...


The Daily Maskerade said...

nydelige farger på den kjolen, fløyel er nydelig. minner om nordlys

SICK. said...

beautiful !
your blog is too kick ass for its own good.
so many pretty pictures.

anyways, stay in touch !

cindy said...

love what you're wearing. :]

christiane said...

når er dette a?

Anonymous said...

i want to blog too but i´m afraid my classmates would laugh about me

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: thnxxx.
lise: takk qt
liv/e in both senses: i know..
idacandy: tnhx. jaaa!
karoline: aww takk
bhh: heeh
the daily maskerade: mmm
sick: thnx!!
cindy: thank youu
christiane: naai, fruity kicks
anonymous: dont tell your classmates then. (so was i in the beginning, but they all think its cool)

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