sad sunday

save me from essay-hell, please.
photos: dontrember, le love

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david santos said...

Well,well, well!

anywhere I lay my head said...

Edie Sedgwick<3

Can't save you but I do share your pain~

Mira said...

Nydelige bilder.

Jenny Cindy said...

I love the second picture - it's so damn cute and makes me miss my boyfriend >.<

amanda said...


Giulia said...

blue eyeshadow
blonde hair
pink hand
vintage dress
i smoke a cigarette
on the pillow

Anonymous said...

What are you writing about in your essay?

IRIS and PIETER said...

your blog is such an inspiritation!
and so is you (:

maja casablancas said...

anonymous: grotesque children's litterature
IRIS and PIETER: thanx!

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