xmas party @ khio


but it was fun.

something weird happened to my dress...

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possibly the cutest djs in oslo


Lee Jones said...

haha! i love the random person on the guy's shoulders
and the fur coat in the last photo is fantastic!

anywhere I lay my head said...

The fur coat is amazing!:D

Suzy Cream Cheese said...

The fur coat is a dead tortured animal! :D

Nicholas said...

lol, i love your comment suzy! xD

E from the 80's said...

OH LORD! Det var jævlig gøy, egentlig.

deep_in_vogue said...

damn, sure one of the cutest Dj's !!! haircut - color - dress love it

Arthur said...


Anonymous said...

oh i love your blog so much . your pictures are great .

July Stars said...

The fur coat and acid wash 80s jeans look so rad and fun. Love it!

maja casablancas said...

lee jones: lol me 2
anywhere: kinda
suzy: haha true dat
erland: eegentlig
deep_in_vouge: yea they're awesome
arthur: FERNET
bells: thank you so much!
july stars: yeah she looks great

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