Belle de Jour

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screencaps: flickr


Karoline said...

oooooh, loving big hair!

Anspik said...

and she is still beautiful :)

Vik said...

love these images!! so iconic!
much love from Ireland xx

Anonymous said...

hvordan får du så bra kvalitet på bildene selvom de er forstørret? det funker bare ikke når jeg gjør det..

TrendLover said...

Your blog is very fun and cool :)

erin said...

belle du ma vie.

Miriam said...

i like these photos! alot

Elena said...

a lovely movie!
lots of Luis Bunuel movies are projected in la cinémathèque in Paris! i'm going to see some of them.
cheers from Paris!
i like your blog.

Summer said...

Look at their hair.. So cool! Like it so much.=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

sarah said...

Beautiful stills, I really like your blog.

Solo said...

Cool photos. Loving their hair.;D

Travel and Living

Anonymous said...

herlig! elsker bildene. :) faktisk så elsker jeg bloggen din!

Agostina Julieta said...


zoë said...

oh brigitte
so beautiful
and she just seems like such a wonderful person


. said...

Great pictures, what a great post :)
This blog is pretty cool also,
Please check out mine!


Martine said...

those pictures are just lovely

Sandra said...

Your blog is very cool! Love it! :)

Anna said...

bra at du fikk så godt vær til hove festival! var i oslo på torsdag og det var jo 28 grader, så det var jo fint :)
fine bilder som altid.

maja casablancas said...

anonym: jeg forstørrer dem og gjør dem skarpere i photoshop

all the rest: THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

tusen takk :D

Anonymous said...

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