Home, sweet home

i'm back from hove! it's not the healthiest week i've had in my life, but it was wonderful nonetheless. but more about that later, festival summer is not over yet! next week it's time for oslo live, more music, more beer, more friends and more dancing. combined with the hot weather, summer 2009 ain't looking so bad at all.
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Joezehh said...

looks good!
i like your sticker :)
x x x x x

Anonymous said...

is your shoes dr martens? : - )

Saga said...

if you are going to oslo live, check out my boyfriend, he's playing on thursday acbananas, steedlord :) xxx saga

Anonymous said...

u are so beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

you look sleepy or something...)))

carsten said...


maja casablancas said...

joezehh: it's just one of those press stickers you have to wear to get in with a proper camera..

anonymous: no, but they look quite alike

saga: ohhh, i'm not going thursday :(

anonymous: thank you :)

anonymous: heh. i usually do.

carsten: thnx

martine said...

hope you had a great at hove!! i just love your stile:D u should by the way check out this new guyblog, still in the making, but it seems really great; http://lascivio-iam.blogspot.com/

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