Berg & Berg

...sell quality scarves, socks and ties, and me and my boyfriend did a little modelling for them. the shoot was on a saturday, and we had been out the night before... we were supposed to be there at 11, but woke up when they called us quarter past. so we stumbled out of bed, put on some clothes and rushed down to location. i was like "ehh can i keep my sunglasses on?". heh. i could.

check out http://www.bergbergstore.com/! i got to keep the one i'm wearing in the pics, it's very comfy.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ph: eirik slyngstad


Anonymous said...

you look great.
and your boyfriend has really kind eyes.

Anonymous said...

1.you and your boyfriend look alike, at least a little! 2. you look hot in your short hair and i love your glasses dude!

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